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ABOUT US: The Faceters Guild of Southern California (FGOSC) is dedicated to the preservation of the art of faceting (cutting) gemstones, from basic skills through competition levels.

The art of faceting, or cutting, gemstones has existed for over a thousand years. Early jewels cut by hand do not compare with the precision accuracy of modern faceting machines.

LIBRARY FGOSC has an extensive collection of books and videos relative to faceting and other gemological activities. Members may check out printed material at no charge for up to three months. Videos are to be returned at the next meeting date.
For general information: Please contact John Robinson as noted below
PRESIDENT: John Robinson who may be reached at (714) 625-2107 or by email at .
SECRETARY: Lilly Henry (714) 990-0384
LIBRARIAN: Art Ravenscoft
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Faceters Guild

of Southern California
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P.O. Box 5433 Buena Park CA 90622